Pacer 8 (Adjustable Height Seat Walker)

Packaged ready for shipping this walker can be set to two different seat heights. This will generally suit the range of customers from short to tall. Simple assembly.

Currently available in Red, Blue, Green


Pacer 8   (Adjustable Seat Walker)   (Two different Seat Heights all in one)

Each walker has specific features that may appeal to an individual. For those that cannot come in to our showroom this innovation solves the delema size selection.


  • Overall width                                                     610mm
  • Overall length                                                    600mm
  • Seat height                                                         520mm and 600mm
  • Seat size                                                             300mm x 300mm
  • Wheel Size                                                         200mm (8″)
  • Curved padded backrest/folding
  • Canvas bag under seat
  • Adjustable handles from                                870mm to 980mm
  • Handbrake with push down lockset
  • Maximum User Weight                                  100kg
  • Aluminuim Power Coated Frame

Retail:        $200

  • Weight                                                                 6.5 kg
  • Shipping Weight                                               8.6kg
  • Shipping Dimension                                        550mm x 550mm x 170mm