Small Scooters

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  • Pride S 19 Foldable

    This machine is similar to the well known ….Luggie…..with a total weight of 24kg without the lithium batteries and a simple folding movement these are great for the epic traveller.

  • The Little Beauty is a fantastic small pull apart scooter suitable for transport in most car boots. It is best suited for shopping center use and possibly some home use. They are very effective for use while traveling, provided that they are used on a level and stable ground surface.

  • A pull apart design that can easily fit into the boot of most cars.

  • A new product from Shoprider that provides a scooter suitable for pulling apart and transporting in the family car PLUS the added benefit of being able to travel some distance from home down the street. A great innovation that is proving popular.

  • This is a small to mid sized scooter popular with the ladies. It has a top speed of 10km per hour and full suspension which makes for a comfortable ride. This is a very special looking scooter.

  • Drive –  Envoy Small Scooter

    The Envoy range of scooters are excellent additions to our range, with the performance usually associated with much larger models. These scooters enjoy a whole host of excellent features including all round suspension, LED headlights and longer range batteries.


    • Length                      121cm
    • Height                       102cm
    • Width                        60cm
    • Capacity Max           160kg
    • Weight                       94kg
    • Max Gradient           8 degrees
    • Max Range                40km
    • Top Speed                 8kph
    • Motor Size                 350watt
    • Pneumatic Tyres
    • All round suspension

    Available in Red or Blue            Stock in store NOW      $2,400

  • Drive – Scout Small Pull Apart Scooter

    Range                         Up to 12 km

    Currently in store         $1,650