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    • This is a smart pull apart electric wheelchair suitable for home (indoors) and shopping centre transport. Can be used for select outdoor use providing it is a flat level stable surface ie, paved areas and concrete floors. This machine embraces all the new technology for long life fast charging Lithium batteries Total Weight Including Batteries 32kgs Rapid Charge within 3 hours.

    • Shoprider Como   (Pull Apart)

      The Como portable power chair is a well featured power chair that offers the user the ability to easily fold and transport by using quick disconnect levers in seconds. The Como features a comfortable mid back seat, adjustable armrests, easy to use joy stick control and when combined with the powerful motors it will deliver outstanding safety & comfort.

      This power chair disassembles to 3 components.       Seat, Rear transaxle and front batteries with foot plate.

    • Seren Power Chair 

      Seren Power Chair with Cushion seat plate and slung backrest. The highly manoeuvrable Seren is loaded with performance and convenience features. Comes standard with front and rear suspension.

    • Pride R-40 Fusion

      Unequalled Versatility………..The R40 rear wheel drive power chair delivers aggressive, terrain-gripping torque and comes standard with a top speed of up to 10kph. The innovative, compact design of the R-40 Fusion makes it highly manoeuvrable in tight spaces without sacrificing traditional rear-wheel drive performance. Best choice for an active outdoor out and about user of a power chair.

    • Shoprider Cougar 10

      Cougar is ergonomically engineered to provide the ultimate combination of style and comfort. The smooth operation combined with the mid wheel drive means easy operation under various conditions. Is suitable for both indoor & outdoor use and has a good travel distance.

    • Shoprider Cougar  14

      Cougar is a great choice for the indoors. It has fantastic manoeuvrability, is compact for a large power chair and suits most people who require an entry level electric wheelchair. This power chair 6 permanent contact wheels which provides excellent stability for the user. This unit has a full captains seat with adjustable backrest and can be fitted with swing away leg rests as an option.


    • Shoprider Puma 14 Heavy Duty

      Puma has been ergonomically engineered to provide a robust combination of style and comfort. The Puma is fitted with powerful smaooth motors, mid wheel manoeuvrability, and comfortable seating. The smooth operation of the front and rear elastometers combined with mid wheel drive means easy operation on a variety of Terrians and hard surfaces. Its ideal for both inside and outside use on even ground and can travel long distances between recharging.

    • Pride Jazzy 623

      With features like standard 4 pole motors, mid wheel6 drive design and ATX Suspension, Jazzy 623 is engineered to meet the needs of the most active user. The Jazzy 623 comes standard with High Back Seat and Dynamic Shark controller to deliver exceptional performance capability at an excellent value. Once you have driven one of these you will find it difficult to go back to an entry level Power Chair…… you would expect with the additional investment these chairs are a significant jump in ride and handling and functionality.

    • Jazzy 1450 Bariatric Power Chair

      A power chair built for the larger person with suspension and large 70 amp hour batteries for a greater travel range.

    • Optional Fittings for Power Chairs

      Depending on the power chair there are many different options to assist the individual and make things just that bit easier.


      • Swing away leg rests
      • Elevating Leg Rests
      • Power Elevating Leg Rests
      • Power Lift Seats
      • Power Tilt Recline Seating
      • Swing away hand control
      • Specialised fingertip controls
      • Amputee stump supports either left or right

      If you have a requirement for any of the above please call either Laurie or David to discuss how we might be able to assist.


    • These are a recycled car tyre product that remove the small access problems facing wheelchair users.