Pickup Reachers

Pick Up Reachers

Ideal for picking up things out of reach.

We have a range of pick up reachers in store. They come in different lengths and some have different features.

The most popular reachers are the Handigrip Bilateral Reachers which have a swivel head and can pick up anything from a 5 cent coin to a water bottle.

Handigrip Bilateral Reachers:

  • Handigrip Bilateral Reacher  (Long 800mm)  $40 each
  • Handigrip Bilateral Reacher  (Short 600mm) $40 each

Redgum Grabbit Reachers:

  • Grabbit Lateral Reacher  (Long 800mm)  $40 each
  • Grabbit Lateral Reacher  (Short600mm)  $40 each
  • Grabbit Budget Reacher (Long only 800mm) $40 each