Pride S17 Cutie

Features a powerful drive train to handle rugged outdoor terrain. Luxury touches like a wraparound easy drive tiller, low profile non-marking tyres giving a sleek, sporty style.

Suitable for accessing buses or for someone who needs to use there scooter a lot. Those who like smart looking vehicles will appreciate this scooter.

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Pride S17 Cutie

This is the perfect scooter for boarding buses….just the right size ….with superb steering for manoeuvrability. Has a LED headlight and liquid crystal display instrument console to indicate battery status, Speed and distance travelled.

This is a very sleek and appealing scooter for those that like style and quality.


  • Weight Capacity                                          135kgs
  • Seat Size                                                        460mm  (18″)
  • Drive Wheel                                                 280mm x 100mm
  • Front Wheel                                                 280mm x 100mm
  • Max Speed                                                   12kph
  • Battery Specs:                                             12volt  40amp hour
  • Battery Range                                             35km
  • Motor                                                           4 pole   500watt
  • Weight with battery                                  135kg
  • Turning Radius                                         1200mm
  • Suspension                                                 Front & Rear
  • Length                                                         1320mm
  • Width                                                          670mm
  • Height                                                         1160mm
  • Seat Height                                                460mm
  • Ground Clearance                                    100mm

Retail       $4,500