Puma 14 Heavy Duty

Shoprider Puma 14 Heavy Duty

Puma has been ergonomically engineered to provide a robust combination of style and comfort. The Puma is fitted with powerful smaooth motors, mid wheel manoeuvrability, and comfortable seating. The smooth operation of the front and rear elastometers combined with mid wheel drive means easy operation on a variety of Terrians and hard surfaces. Its ideal for both inside and outside use on even ground and can travel long distances between recharging.

Shoprider Puma 14 Heavy Duty


  • Length                                                 1060mm
  • Width                                                   640mm
  • Height                                                 1180mm
  • Battery Capacity                                2 x 75amp hour
  • Maximum Range                              Up to 25km
  • Maximum Load Capacity                205kgs
  • Charger                                               On Board 8 amp
  • Motor Size                                          1.34 hp
  • Maximum Speed                               6kph
  • Turning Radius                                 600mm
  • Wheel Size                                         2 x 350mm Drive Wheel
  • Front Castor                                      2 x 175mm
  • Rear Castor                                        2 x 175mm